Jan 19, 2015

New Year, new resolution 2015

I hope, everyone had a  great time over the Christmas and New Year. For me starts the new year actually today, as you know I was in Chile for last 4 weeks, travelled through country. It is just beautiful country with great nature. (more posts coming soon!)

1. do more sport at least once a week
2. learn spanish (I´m going for spanish class since 4 years but my spanish is still very bad)
3. buy less, choose good
4. build a perfect wardrobe
5. not to respite (I´m the world champion in it)
6. improve my english

Have a lovely week!


  1. Wish you to achieve your goals in 2015 :)

    Love to catch up sometime sista :)

    1. Temeechin busgui- thank you, yeah write me e-mail.