Aug 14, 2012

24 hours in München

Am Montag morgen hatte ich einen wichtigen Termin in München, so haben wir entschieden (ich und mein Mann), dass wir Sonntag Nachmittag nach München zu fahren. Wir wohnen 350m km von München.
Normalerweise benötiget man von uns, wo wir wohnen, bis nach München 2,5 Stunden. Aber gestern war Stau, sodass wir 3,5 Stunden benötigten. Es war etwas langweilig, deshalb habe ich angefangen Bilder zu schießen.

On Monday morning I had very important appointment in Munich,  We  decided to go sunday afternoon, because Munich is 350 km far away from where I live. Normaly if you go by car, you need about 2,5 hours but on sunday was terribly traffic jam and it took 3,5 hours
I had  nothing to do and bored  i took photos.

ein höfflicher Mann,  kindly man  
one of my favorite beer
Good night


  1. I really like your blog, but I wonder why you also write it in English cause unfortunately you have many mistakes in it :-( Just stick to German, I'd say....

  2. Anonymous- thank you. Well my english is really not good even my german :-( but I do my best. The reason why I´m trying to write english is I have also readers from my native country so they don´t speak german but most of them can speak english.

  3. In fact, i really like your german writing :-) i guess you have an asian home country, right? Is it possible to write in your mother tongue? That would be soooo exotic :-)

    1. Anonymous- I guess you are german right? Yes I have asian home country, I should think about that.